Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Tunnel

Don't have a tunnel? Wow, you are missing out! They are great for the daycare, classroom, or just to have at home with your kiddos (for a snowy day - like today!)

This simple piece of equipment, folds up easy for quick storage, doesn't take up space, and all kids LOVE it!!! And, why wouldn't they! Adventure, creativity, surprise at the other end, and they get the chance to REALLY move! Muscles large and small enjoy this basic activity!

Kids of all ages enjoy crawling through the tunnel. Pair it with a few other pieces of equipment to form an obstacle course or just use it on its own as positive reinforcement.

Many varieties of tunnels exist and can be combined to create plenty of crawling fun for a rainy day or indoor gross motor time. You might even position it to crawl out the door of your classroom for students to crawl through as they leave for or come back from a class like music or lunch. How fun would that be!  

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