Monday, December 31, 2012

Reflections of 2012

I started a journal for my kids a little over 3 years ago when my 1st born was 18 months. Though I don't always have or make time to write in it every night, I do try at least once a month. I write to them and sign it "Love you more than you know -Mommy" each time. They will someday read all about our moments, through my eyes.
Tonight's entry is the highlights of 2012. I make a list each year with the help of my husband of our favorite memories from the year, these include family, business, pop culture, and whatever else we would like to remember. One of the things listed tonight, New Years Eve, will be the beginning of Healthy Starts. Though this business hasn't blossomed as fast as I originally hoped, I am so proud of what it has become. I have met many AMAZING families. Above all, I will be able to show my kids one day, that even though it was a lot of work to start from scratch, we are all capable of living our dreams, no matter how big or small. I have a vision, to bring music, dance, smiles, and laughter to families in search of a special time they can connect and play with their kids and watch them grow and develop. I look forward to our growth in 2013!

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