Thursday, December 27, 2012

Getting Started...

We all know KIDS LOVE TO MOVE!
Introducing a program or expanding on one already in place doesn't require a fancy degree or tons of training. All you really need is a plan, some ideas, and the bravery to try something new. Believe it or not, adding movement into the day of a tot doesn't create more chaos, it can actually lead to a more organized, and calming environment for kids -- One in which they feel safe to express themselves, imagine, create, and try out new adventures.


Tips on how to get started OR expand on your program 

  • Schedule a structured movement class (teacher led) – 30 minutes 
  • Not just recess 
  • Plan ahead -- MOST important part (Lessons will start to join this blog, more each day)
Healthy Starts believes there are 3 key components to a successful movement program (each of the lessons including in this blog will focus these three components). 

3 Key Components to a Successful Movement Program 

Suggestions to plan ahead 

  • Have a physical movement of focus for the week
    • Skipping, jumping jacks, crawling, hopping, running, tip toeing, etc.
  • Have a healthy lesson of focus each week/month 
    • Hand washing, brushing teeth, food groups, fruits, vegetables, protein, dairy, grains, a balanced plate, getting plenty of rest, daily exercise (active play), heart health, other body parts, healthy snacks, etc. 
  • Activities all week or month that coordinate and tie back to the topic
  • Color pages, crafts, games, the sky is the limit. The internet is full of ideas. 
  • Set up a bulletin board or calendar that outlines your plan

I certainly don't claim to have come up with all these ideas myself. I am just like all teachers out there, borrowing, expanding, and applying new things to my classroom. The lessons on here are ones that have worked for me and I  hope you find ways to incorporate them into your TOOL BAG! My wish is that together we can get this generation MOVING, REALLY MOVING!

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