Thursday, December 27, 2012

Kangaroos and Bunnies

Hop, Hop, Hop ... Hop small and up, Hop big and long. This game is a very simple concept that can be adapted for many ages and almost any size space. Kangaroos and Bunnies focuses on the skill of hopping, while encouraging listening skills.

Lesson Title: Kangaroos and Bunnies  

Lesson Theme: Hop, follow visual and vocal commands  

Materials needed: 1 kangaroo picture, 1 bunny picture printed on card stock, music, tape  

Age level: Parent and Tot - elementary age 

Activity Description: Show the the group each of the signs (1 kangaroo, 1 bunny). Ask them to demonstrate how each animal hops, discuss the difference. Kangaroos - hop big and long, extending the body in a long-jump fashion. Bunnies - hop small and up, hopping on tip toes in short quick bursts.

Set up a home base in the middle of the room (masking tape box on the floor, or the center circle on a gym floor). Tape 1 sign at one end of the space, Tape the other to the opposite end of the space. Instruct students that when the music stops they must listen for the correct cue, and hop in the appropriate direction and style all the way to the sign. When the music starts again students should run back to the home base, dance and move to the music waiting for the next cue. 

Pay attention to the kids, make breaks shorter for those who tend to loose interest quickly. -- If music seems too overwhelming for the young ones, simply use verbal cues to keep them moving. Continue for several rounds. 

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