Thursday, December 27, 2012

Hoop Road Trip

A hoop and an imagination are all that is needed for this ACTIVE game for kids. Place the hoop around your waist, grab on, and take it for a drive!

Lesson Title: Hoop Road Trip 

Lesson Theme: Spatial Awareness,  Imagination

Materials needed: Hula Hoops

 Age level: Parent and Tot - elementary age

Activity description: Talk to students about a road trip, where would they like to travel? Grandma's, the beach, amusement park, etc. Show them the hoop and place it around your waist, encourage them to do the same. Then walk them through the steps to get the car ready for the trip (start engine, check to see if you have enough gas, better fill the tank, check the windshield washers -- wipe arm back and forth, check the radio -- hum a short little tune). Then have them start to slowly move around the room - Forward, Reverse, in the rain (windshield wipers), look at the world around us, muddy road (slip/slide steps), radio (hum), out of gas (drop hoop and sit criss/cross -- wait to be re-fueled), in a hurry, DON'T forget to ask them for more ideas for the trip, and then finally at their destination.

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