Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Paper Plate Snow Ski

Paper plates? Check!
Imagination? Check!
Energetic Kids? Check!
That's all you need!

Let their imagination's run wild while they play with their paper plate skis. Older toddlers/preschoolers can master them on their feet while younger ones may need to start crawling with them on their hands.

To start:
1. Designate one area of the room as the valley. Have them ski to Snow Valley.
2. Once there have them stop for some pretend hot cocoa before heading back up the mountain.
3. Hop on the "chair lift" and climb the mountain- each time they head back up have them carry their skis and preform a different locomotor skill. (Skip,hop,gallop, walk backwards,etc)
4. Repeat! As many times as you like :)

*tip: If you don't live in an area of the country where snow skiing is popular, you may want to begin the game looking at a book or pictures of people snow skiing.

Good Luck!

As always I welcome comments and suggestions.

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